|| हरिः ॐ ||
Golden Opportunity for the devotees
We present you with an opportunity to offer your ‘seva’ to Shri Sant Tukaram Maharaj.  Considering the various development plans, projects worth approx. Rs. 6 crores are yet to be accomplished. As per the plans of development at the Gatha Mandir, there are numerous projects underway and donations are sought for all such projects from devotees.
Devotees can express their faith and devotion to Saint Tukaram Maharaj in the following way:
  • Those whose circumstances are moderate can contribute Rs.1252.00, which is the cost of engraving one abhang or hymn on the temple wall.
  • Those who are doing well can contribute Rs. 5000.00, which is the cost of engraving one page of the Abhang Gatha.
  • You can contribute more depending on whatever you can afford, Those who are doing brilliantly well can contribute Rs. 1 lakh and help the monument to reach completion.

It is said that one must donate at least 1/6th part of his income.
  1. Instead of squandering your wealth elsewhere, this happens to be an apt avenue to donate and thereby multiply your wealth.
  2. If you donate money to the deserving, your wealth definitely grows.
  3. Donation brings glory to the hands of the giver.
  4. Donations purify your body
  5. That body that has never donated anything has been considered lowly and unworthy
  6. Donation purifies your wealth.
  7. The money you have donated remains like a fixed deposit and the rest is also protected from fire, theft etc.

All donations made to the Saint Tukaram Maharaj Literature Research Committee, Shree Kshetra Dehu, are eligible for the benefit of deduction under section 80G of the Income tax Act 1961, as per order no. Pn/CIT-III/Tech.80G/321/2009-10/4112.


  • All donors will receive a receipt for the donations made.
  • Rs 1251/- Donor name will be added on a display board.
  • Rs 5000/- and above Donor name will be carved on a marble stone.
  • Rs. 25,000/- Photo of Donors will be placed on marble stone
  • Rs. 1 lakh Family group photo will be displayed
  • We also receive donations in kind for construction material and other equipment.
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