|| हरिः ॐ ||

A number of projects planned are currently underway. To enable the Trust to complete the following projects, we request you to offer generous donations to the Trust, thus offering your seva towards Shri Sant Tukaram Maharaj. Construction and procurement of material is in process depending on the availability of funds.

  1. Gatha Mandir's Total Built Up Area - 2825 SQ. M. (30,000 SQ.FT.)
  2. Bhakta Nivas's Total Built Up Area - 1200 SQ. M. (13,000 SQ.FT.)

The following projects are underway:

  1. As you know, each abhang has been carved on Marble.  There is space kept to include artistic representations of the abhangs intermittently. This work of drawings/illustrations is underway.
  2. Electrification and installation of sound system.
  3. Ghat on the banks of the river Indrayani
  4. Internal area beautification with pathways, lawns, gardens and fountains.
  5. Free Medical assistance.
  6. Library
  7. Satsang Bhavan
  8. Annapurna Bhavan
  9. Sadhak Nivas
  10. Animatronics – robotic characters that recount the life and philosophy of Shri Sant Tukaram Maharaj.
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