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Shri Pandurang Maharaj Ghule
Shri Pandurang Maharaj Ghule was born in the year 1948 to Shri Ananji and Sou Housabai Ananji Ghule. They lived in a small village called Tulkaramwadi situated on the banks of the river Meena, not far from the Shivneri fort, that witnessed the birth of the Maratha warrior king – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Throughout his early childhood, Pandurang was always in the midst of other notable saints and scholars. His middle school years were spent at Savargaon – where he was mentored by Guru Ramdas baba Masukh and Guru Madhavbaba Ghule. His young receptive mind was highly influenced by the preachings of these two stalwarts.

During his high school years, Pandurang Maharaj Ghule’s [arents dreamed of a career in medicine or engineering for him, as he was a bright scholar. But Shri MAdhavbaba insisted to his parents that they send Pandurang to Warkari Shikshan Santha , Alandi for further education .

In the year 1962, Pandurang Maharaj registered with Warkari Warkari Shikshan Santha established by Shri guru Joag Maharaj. There he learnt Marathi grammer under Guru Yadav M. Patil. Guru Shantibrahma Maroti Maharaj tutored him in the understanding the Bhandarkar Sanskruti books, he always had perfect score when it came to reciting hymns and abhangs. Saarth Bhagvad Gita was taught by Guru Maroti M Kurekar and Shri Kadam.

During these early days and at a very young age Pandurang Maharaj even got the opportunity to present a kirtan in the erstwhile presence of Shri Mamasaheb dandekar. This kirtan presentation was highly appreciated by Mamasaheb and all other knowledgable people present.

Later Pandurang expressed his desire to go to Hrishikesh for further studies – but he had to forgo his wishes due to the promise made by his Guru to his parents.

Soon Pandurang Maharaj was married and dedicated his time to taking care of his parents in their old age. Meanwhile he also started routinely to present kirtans and attended all the ari’s to Alandi.

During this phase he focused on family life and spiritual enrichment.

He has to his credit 108 parayanas (recitations), on foot waris to Alandi and Pandharpur for the past 5 decaded.
His daily routine still consists of a cold water bath all year round followed by all the required religious rituals of the panth.
He has now dedicated his life to taking Tukaram’s teachings to he masses through his kirtans to the people of Maharashtra , and has thus travelled the legth and breadth of the state. His main focus now is on completion of the Gatha Mandit – his tribute to the Lord, and part of his seva towards Sant Tukaram.

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